Virtual Classes

Starting March 30th, Abrons Education is making all of our arts instruction available online through Google Classroom as well as Zoom. When the DOE brings students back to school, Abrons Arts Center will do the same. We look forward to gathering with you again.


Below you will find instructions for accessing your classes during their regularly scheduled time.  Please know that all of these resources will be stored in Google Classroom for you to obtain later (at any time) if you are not able to attend the live zoom meetings and classes. 


This transition has been a learning curve for us as well. We are so grateful for your cooperation, patience and collaboration as we endeavor to keep students drawing, singing and dancing through these precarious times! 


To access your Abrons Arts Center classes you/your child will need a Google account as well as a Zoom account.  To access your arts class, first login to Google Classroom and enter the code of your class (see the code list here) and click “Join Class.” This will be where you can find current and future information about your class.  


To access a Zoom meeting class session, your instructor will post the zoom invite information on your Google Classroom stream. If you miss a class, your instructor will post a video of the class in the “class drive” to be viewed at any time. 


Please note that we recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox as the best providers to navigate these new systems. Moving forward, you will find in your Google Classroom all the information you need for online Abrons learning including Zoom class login info, recorded Zoom lessons and curriculum materials to support your learning.


If you have any difficulties navigating our new online service, please contact Randy Luna, or Millie Kapp, for assistance. 


All class content is available and open to all. Parents and siblings are welcome to join the fun.