Fall 2023

This season’s curatorial focus is Diasporico, featuring work by artists of the Puerto Rican diaspora. We will explore the connective tissue between the Lower East Side and Puerto Rico and the ways climate change, labor, and political organizing shape Diasporican experiences.



14 September–8 October 2023

Panel Discussion: U.S. Imperialism in Puerto Rico and Beyond

26 September 2023

Leila Mattina
Geografía(s) del Jiquilite al Añil

22 September–18 November 2023

Indigo Dyeing Workshop: Geografía(s) del Jiquilite al Añil

23 September 2023

Antonio Ramos and the Gangbangers

19–21 October 2023

Sleeping Beauty

6–24 December 2023


Mellány Sánchez
Objects of Permanence

6–14 September 2023

Tenement Apartment Tour: Sewing Women

9 September 2023

Why We Collect

8 September 2023