New Dance Alliance
Performance Mix Festival #37

8–11 June 2023

The 37th Annual Performance Mix Festival brings together 30 experimental dance and film artists with deeply personal and expansive approaches to art-making. This season’s highlights include Once I Saw a Hummingbird by Bessie Award-winning choreographer Raúl Tamez, acclaimed freestyle street/club dance and live music artists LayeRhythm, film selections in collaboration with Cinédanse (Québec), and resident artists from New Dance Alliance’s Black Artists Space to Create and LiftOff programs.


Thursday, 8 June

Program A: 7pm

Cinédanse film: Beatriz Mediavilla
Juan Jesús Guiraldi/UNA Constante, Juli Brandano, Morgan Amirah Burns

Program B: 8:30pm

Cinédanse film: Kaveh Nabatian
Ayan Felix, Rafael Cañals, Raúl Tamez

Friday, 9 June


Cinédanse film: Mistaya Hemingway
evan ray suzuki, Katerina & Jay, Maho Ogawa

Saturday, 10 June

7pm, with reception following

Cinédanse film: Jean-Christophe Yacono (yako)

Sunday, 11 June

Program A: 1pm

Cinédanse film: Jil Guyon
Alexander Diaz, Ayano Elson, evan ray suzuki & Frenchie Cavallo Phelps

Program B: 2:30pm

Cinédanse film: Marlene Millar / Migration Dance Film Project
Alex Romania, Psychic Wormhole / Stacy Lynn Smith

Program C: 4pm

Cinédanse film: Barbara Kanertonni Diabo
K.J. Holmes, Nora Sharp

Program D: 5pm

Cinédanse film: Thomas Corriveau
Maxi Hawkeye Canion, Rebecca Patek and Connor Voss