All the Lonely People

July 25, 2023

The film follows a handful of people from different walks of life as they overcome social isolation and chronic loneliness- a condition that is affecting millions more of us after COVID. The documentary includes the stories of New York residents Ari Rossen and Tony Westbrook living in an urban area. Another cast member, Mary Hill, an 89-year-old caregiver in Shropshire, England, faces isolation in the rural countryside. The film includes teenager Khiloud Alegab who at one point stayed isolated in her room for weeks at a time. “Those are just a few of the people who I personally identified with as I dealt with my own loneliness.” says, Stu Maddux, the director of the film.

Q&A after screening with The Clowder Group filmmaker Joseph Applebaum and NYSOFA Acting Director Greg Olsen, Moderated by Becky Preve Executive Director at Association on Aging in New York.



The documentarians founded The Clowder Group as an independent Documentary Film Production Company with steadfast commitment to create social impact.

Their seminal film, Gen Silent Is the benchmark for LGBTQ+ Aging issues. It is used worldwide as a tool to teach equity, diversity, inclusion, and tolerance.

The latest film, All the Lonely People is critically acclaimed and is bringing about awareness of loneliness and social isolation, sparking social change at a grassroots level.