[Abrons Education] Urban Youth Theater presents Garden of Lies: A Murder Mystery

One murder. Several suspects. But who can you believe when everyone has two sides to their story, even the victim?

Using improv and group dramaturgy, this year’s production is a murder mystery written by the UYT ensemble themselves. A Garden of Lies is a unique stage play that uses music and monologues to explore the theme of ‘Who ARE You?’ Rather than the conventional ‘Who Did It?’ To a surprising result.



Urban Youth Theater is a safe space for teens to create theater. Participation in the UYT ensemble ranges from devised theater, to re-interpretations of classical plays, to traditional productions. Working under the direction of New York City-based theater artists, UYT gives young performers a chance to dive into the world of theater. Young performers will explore blocking, improvisation, character development, script writing, singing, choreography, collaboration and so much more. ​JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER FOR MORE INFORMATION!