St. Augustine’s Project

November 8 – 29 • 290 Henry Street @ St. Augustine Episcopal Church


St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church on the Lower East Side is one of the last remaining churches that has maintained the architectural integrity of its “slave galleries,” the upper level of the sanctuary where enslaved people and free people of color were forced to worship segregated from the white congregation.2018 marks the 190th anniversary of St. Augustine’s and the 125th anniversary of Henry Street Settlement. This November, our neighboring institutions co-present performances, guided tours, and art installations that reflect on the legacy of the slave galleries and the contributions of Black New Yorkers on the Lower East Side.To learn more, visit


Revision Suite

November 8 – 9 • 8:00 PM

A group of artists, writers, and musicians convene at St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church on the Lower East Side to meditate on the architectural history of its “slave galleries” and to explore their own connections to worship and spiritual labor. This is Revision Suite. Join us for an evening of readings and live performances by Geng, Salome Asega, Rena Anakwe, Destiny Be, DeForrest Brown Jr., L’Rain, and Stacy Lynn Smith. Sound and light installations by  Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste and denzel russell will be on view for the duration of the performances. BUY TICKETS >>


how the Other 1/2 lived

November 8 – 29

Gallery hours: 333 Madison Street, Tuesday-Friday, 10am-3pm

denzel russell utilizes light as a language to interrogate the history of St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church and its “slave galleries.” The installation reflects on marginalization in order to understand the lives of the 19th century Black New Yorkers who were relegated to the galleries, and calls for publics to approach these spaces with reverence and appreciation for the spirits who occupy them.


Guided Tours of St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church’s Slave Galleries

November 14, 20, 28 • VARIOUS TIMES

On the 190th anniversary of the church, join us for a series of intimate guided tours of the Galleries with Penny King and Sandra Walker, co-chairs of The St. Augustine’s Project.