Drye/Marinaro Dance Company: “Raw” Real Work about Real Life

Mental Health has been a huge topic in and coming out of the pandemic. This work challenges us to take a look at the Stigmas centered around Mental Health and to take an inner look on how the pandemic has effected us. Even in challenging times it is important to find small moments of joy. This night we dance our stories.


In spring of 2011, the Drye|Marinaro Dance Company (DMDC) was established under the direction of Jamie Drye and Francesca Marinaro. DMDC made its debut with its full length work Life By Design. The NYC-based company has created numerous works since then, presenting at various concerts and festivals along the east coast. Self-producing many shows at NYC venues like Dixon Place, Caveat NYC, and New York Live Arts. The Company aims to intrigue audiences with thought-provoking themes, using dance as the medium to make connections about life and real human interactions. @dryemarinarodanceco