Eden Atias: The Magical Journey Of Arlekina

Between trees and flowers, between hills and mountains, lays a magical kingdom, Pintiyoga. Between Pintiyoga and the kingdom of humans, stands an amusement park called Dell’Arte Not long ago, Dell’Arte park was ran and managed by a butterclown named Erliko…

Want to hear more? We are excited to invite you to our very 1st show here in New York.

An immersive show with a touch of Commedia Dell’Arte.

 You & your children are about to enter a show that has yet to begin but will never end. It will be a part of any moment of your life.

The whole play will be accompanied by the full cooperation of the audience, a game that will run between the stage and the audience’s seats and will give the audience a full opportunity to be a part of the play. This show’s world is the world of the classic art form of commedia dell’arte, complete with masks and the clown humor of yesteryear. This will be the first time that a musical of this magnitude will appear in the style of Comedia Dell’Arte.

Based on a true story from the fantasy world of Eden Atias. Be part of the magic.

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