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VISIONS is an annual play that’s geared to inspire people onto the right track, of which they discover their own personal vision.  It’s about the universal message— Beauty Has No Color. Visions expresses its message in an art form.  We paint our actors/actresses in different colors to create a contrast.

We want to allow the audience and ourselves to have an open dialogue without the ideals of race, gender, and social status interfering.  Once the conversation we have created is not biased, we aim to tackle things that are stopping us from our overall perception. Since our vision is such a broad term, and is different from the next person’s vision, the play allows us to explore so many topics and messages.


This years topic is — Ego, Fear, and Evil.  The scenario is when you have a controlling ego, and the fear you cannot see.  You are so focused on the distractions that you are blind to what’s going on around you. In this world if you aren’t alert you should be alarmed.


This play breaks down the false identities of ego and fear and the corruption involved with both. Our play uplifts people and remind each individual of their true potential. The show is all about reviving positive energy and breaking the chains throughout life’s journey.