[@Abrons Series] The Final Veil

Combining opera and dance, The Final Veil, remembers the remarkable final moments of Polish-Jewish dancer Franceska Mann in the gas chambers of Auschwitz. In a split second, Mann makes a decision that will cost her life, yet potentially save the lives of others. The Final Veil poses the question: Can our bodies be an act of resistance even in the face of complete vulnerability? Join composer J.L. Marlor and performer Cassandra Rosebeetle as we honor the life and sacrifices of Franceska Mann.


Directors: J.L. Marlor and Cassandra Rosebeetle

Composer: J.L. Marlor

Singers: Chelsea Feltman, Katie Lipow, Sara Lin Yoder, Heather Meyer

String Quartet: Camille Enderlin (violin), Flora Hollifield (violin), Shannon Elliot (viola), Dorothy Carlos (cello)

Dancer: Cassandra Rosebeetle


Photo by Andrew T. Foster