[@ ABRONS SERIES] Salute to Magic

A powerhouse bill of internationally acclaimed performers will amaze and delight audiences this year at the Salute to Magic show. Miraculous productions from nowhere, hilarious comedy, classic magic rendered with style, astounding mentalism and much more will be part of this evening-length stage show. The performers are: Asi Wind, who is one of the world’s most acclaimed and influential creators and performers of magic; Shawn Farquhar, the award-winning two-time World Champion of Magic who has stunned on The Ellen Show and fooled Penn & Teller (twice!); Lucy Darling, the classy and sassy host of the show (and alter ego of Carisa Hendrix) who regularly amuses and amazes at the Magic Castle and other high-profile venues; and Bobby Torkova who is acclaimed for his whimsical and wonderful performances of classic magic. In addition David Kaye will be honored as Magician of the Year for his significant influence on the field of children’s magic and his leadership of Parent Assembly #1 of the Society of American Magicians.

Parent Assembly, #1, has produced the Salute to Magic annually since 1909. The organization, which was founded in 1902, promotes the art of magic through free shows for the public, lectures and workshops for its members, the annual Salute to Magic, and many other activities.