[@ABRONS SERIES] Emma Elliott Dance: Revive


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Revive aims to bring to life what feels hopeless or dead inside, whether it is spiritually, emotionally, or mentally. Living in NYC can be extremely draining and working diligently to achieve success can often be an uphill battle. Art can transform our mind and the way in which we think determines the way we feel. And our feelings determine our actions. Everything accomplished in your life started as a thought or a dream. The dances performed will be physically exhilarating and emotionally moving; reminding all who attend that just because what you seek appears to be impossible, it is not unobtainable.

Emma Elliott – Founder, Artistic Director, Choreographer, and Dance
Kelsey Weeks – Rehearsal Director
Brooke Armonaitis – Choreographer
Emily Chamberlin – Choreographer and Company Dancer
Malia Wee – Choreographer and Company Dancer
Abigail Sartin – Company Dancer
Priscilla Curtis – Company Dancer
Elizabeth Mendieta – Choreographer and Company Dancer
Erin Alaniz – Company Dancer
Alexa Mamoulides – Stage Manger



Emma Elliott Dance is a Christian dance company dedicated to glorifying God through our work, which is created to spread the love and message of Jesus Christ. The world of dance and art can often be a dark place, but Emma Elliott Dance aims to give faith, love, hope, and inspiration to all individuals who experience our dance performances or encounter our work online. We are actively working to make a difference through our art by creating dances that represent aspects of the Christian faith and one’s own spiritual journey. Additionally, we are raising awareness about ways to help the homeless in NYC, bring an end to human trafficking, and help women come out of the sex-entertainment industry. We hope our organization encourages people to become more aware of who God has called them to be, more aware of the world around them, and their resources change it. [Website]