View Program for TESEO:MEDEA

May 11th at 7:00pm
May 12th at 3:30pm


Behind every man is a woman with a story to tell. Medea, having betrayed her family and murdered her children, has sought out a new life in Athens. She is engaged to King Egeo but discovers peace is elusive: Egeo breaks off their engagement in favor of the Princess Agilea and offers Teseo to Medea as a consolation prize. Unfortunately for Medea, Teseo is in love with Agilea. Political and romantic battles play out as these nuanced and complex women navigate their pasts, their circumstances, and their hopes, and finally have the opportunity to tell their side of the story. Inspired by the female-centric plot and prevalence of high voices called for by Handel’s score, TESEO:MEDEA brings female characters and artists to the forefront in a staged and costumed production featuring an all-female cast and the Dorian Baroque Orchestra. Sung in Italian with English supertitles. Part of the 2019 NY Opera Fest.

Stage Director: Brenda Huggins
Musical Director: Dylan Sauerwald
Costumes: Alexandria Hoffman
Orchestra: Dorian Baroque, Artistic Director Marina Fragoulis
Cast: Katherine Doe, Rachel Duval, Tara Gruszkiewicz, Emily Hughes, Alaina Logee, Laura Mitchell, Mary Kathryn Monday, Mithuna Sivaraman, Joyce Yin.