AAC Sound Series Mix #35: Swami Sound

This mix involves some cuts I haven’t found the chance to play out lately, as well as some tracks I’ve heard during my travels as of late. These sounds invoke feelings of the feelings of love, loss and self reflection I’ve been experiencing. You’ll hear some originals too, which have been the most efficient ways of expressing my emotions lately.


Who are you listening to lately?

Been listening to lots of old school MJ Cole as of late. Tourist sent me a couple cuts and I’ve been taking a deep dive. I love MJ Cole’s music – I find myself emulating organic/orchestral sounds in my own sound like he’d done in Madrugada.


As NYC’s drill scene rises in popularity, Swami seeks to pioneer a new wave of Two-Step Garage native to NYC’s musical sphere – which he coins as “NYC Garage”. With productions and mixes inspired by early 2000’s R&B, contemporary pop and UK Garage, Swami is feeding his city with a refreshing taste of dance music.