AAC Sound Series Mix #31: Muqata’a

For our 31st AAC Sound Series Mix, we’re bringing you a brand new mix from Palestine-based electronic musician Muqata’a. Listen to the full mix below.

Interview with Muqata’a

Tell us a little bit about what inspired the mix
This mix is a collection of tracks that have inspired me and pushed me to write and produce new music in these uncertain times. It includes some unreleased bits from friends. The pieces are by artists from Palestine, Lebanon, Iran, and Egypt.


Muqata’a is an electronic musician based in Ramallah, Palestine. Using sampled material, field recordings, and electronic devices, the results range between harsh beats, abstract tones, and glitch. He co-founded the Ramallah Underground Collective  [2002-2009] and is part of the sound and image performance group Tashweesh alongside artists Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme. 

Solo albums include; Kamil Manqus (2021) on Hundebiss Records, Inkanakuntu (2018) on Discrepant Records, Dubt Al-Ghubar (2017) on Third Type Tapes, La Lisana Lah (2017), and Hayawan Nateq (2013). Muqata’a also composes film scores and has worked on several compositions for dance performances.