Jamal Jackson Dance Company: 846

846 reimagines The Rite of Spring in our current day USA. Stravinsky’s 1913 score depicts rituals celebrating the advent of spring, after which a young girl is chosen as a sacrificial victim and dances herself to death.

846 reflects upon our “everyday” filled with love, loss, appropriation, fear, and judgment, and interrogates our nation’s compulsion with sacrificing black bodies in order to thrive. This story centers the viewpoints of those individuals that have historically been pushed to the margins. 846 is the amplification of voices that have been muffled as well as a driving force for us to question our complicity in a system that simultaneously brings prosperity and pain.


The mission of Jamal Jackson Dance Company (JJDC) is to translate the creative vision of Artistic Director Jamal Jackson into choreography and educational tools for use in performances, workshops and community outreach that will teach people about the connection between African and American cultures.