Swing/Strike: Synchronicities between Jazz & Martial Art

Ages 18 and up
October 3–24, 2023
6–8pm EST, Tuesdays

  • Instructor

    Amani Greene

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  • Dates

    3-24 October

This class delves into the shared principles, techniques, and philosophies that connect jazz music and martial arts. Discover the parallels of improvisation, discipline, body movement, and rhythm while gaining a deeper understanding of how jazz and martial arts influence and inspire one another. Through engaging discussions, practical exercises, listening sessions, performance opportunities and collaborative exploration, explore the synergy between music and combat, and unlock new dimensions of creativity and expression.

This class will be held in-person at the Abrons Arts Center.

About Amani Greene

Amani is a multidisciplinary artist (vocalist, pianist, drummer)/curator born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Both his creations and curation are dual wielded in an effort to free up time + space for perspectives unsung - to create/curate moments that truly move the spirit. Amani’s music centers the nuances of the black experience through his lyrics, he speaks to the listener with a specific intentionality. This point of intention carries over into his curatorial practice, as he feels it a responsibility to himself as well as his community to platform non-traditional forms of expressions.

General Information

This class is curated in partnership with The School of Making Thinking.