Somatic Smellscaping

Ages 18 and up
October 5–26, 2023
6–8pm EST, Thursdays

  • Instructor

    agustine zegers

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  • Dates

    5-26 October

Somatic Smellscaping will be a course that weaves together scent chemistry, somatic exercises, and the basics of scent composition in order to give participants an entryway into sensing the world and their soma through smell. We will study the molecular overlaps of all kinds of species and matter to understand how, at a molecular level, we are intimately connected to Earth and oneness in ways we may not be privy to in our occularcentric society. We will breathe together, observe interspecies kinship through odorant molecules, observe our own bodies in new ways, learn about materials and extraction, and share tools for working with scents.

The course will merge scientific knowledge with meditation practice and etheric principles to help us weave together new material-ephemeral understandings of our world through scent and invite you to begin an olfactory practice. The modality will be online, with a lecture-based and conversational approach and incorporate meditation and remote smelling exercises throughout.

This class will be held virtually.

About agustine zegers

agustine zegers is a Chilean olfactory artist and writer. By way of queer and microbial methodologies, zegers deploys care practices that reach microscopic dimensions by incorporating bacterial communities, aromatic molecules, and food absorption in their artistic projects, creating tools to reflect about cohabitation, interspecies and intrahuman belonging, and care itself. Their work has been exhibited and published internationally at venues such as the Venice Biennale, Galería Jaqueline Martins, Sharjah Art Foundation, the Institute of Queer Ecology, and DIS Magazine.

General Information

This class is curated in partnership with The School of Making Thinking.