Hero's Journey Outside of Gender

7–9pm, Tuesdays

  • Instructor

    Laur Lewis Neal

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  • Dates

    November 1 – 22

This is a character and story development course for anyone who creates characters. We’ll look at the building blocks of a character’s driving emotions and how they make the foundation of a compelling story. What new possibilities and depths we can find when we take these elements into realms beyond gender?

This class will be held virtually.


Neal is a nonbinary writer and artist. They have worked on the inaugural season of Star Trek: Picard, the CBS series Clarice, and the Showtime series The Man Who Fell to Earth. Their scripts have placed in competitions by Script Pipeline, the Austin Film Festival, and Canon. Neal's writing often interrogates how physical space is gendered and raced in community building and politics. They have been published in Dissent, Guernica, and After Ellen, and their prose was a finalist for the Summer Literary Prize. Neal also explores poetry as ritual, removing it from a strictly religious context and reappropriating it as a personal form of healing inclusive of queer experience. Their piece All My Saints was presented at the Rurally Good Festival, and their piece THEIR BODY BECAME (an offering) was presented at the City of Los Angeles’s We Rise 2021. Their new booklet Surprise! You Have a Nonbinary Friend is a tool to help nonbinary people show their family and friends how to support them. They hold a B.A. in Film Studies and a M.A. in History.

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