Herbs for Dreams: Plant Medicine and Shifting Worldscapes

Ages 18 and up
May 2–23, 2023
6–8pm EST, Tuesdays

  • Instructor

    Charmaine Bee

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  • Dates

    2–23 May

Herbs for Dreams: Plant Medicine and Shifting Worldscapes will explore the ways that plant medicine can support us through internal and external shifts in worldscapes. Participants will explore their relationship with ancestral lineage and dream work, somatic movement, dream journaling and reflecting on building collective dream archives.  Participants will also be asked to pick a single herb to work with over the course period to ingest or meditate/ visualize daily and perform an internal herb walk during the duration of the workshop. Participants will also be prompted to draw during and create audio recordings during class sessions and create a daily drawing upon waking, creating portals (to be placed near sleeping areas or on sacred spaces) to support us in our collective processing and intention. We will set intentions born from our relationship to the plants we are ingesting to support our dream worlds. We will look at Black  texts which explore: biomedicine, wellness communities and reflections on rest and wellness by Audre Lorde, The Nap Ministry, Octavia Butler, Carolyn Lazard and other thinkers who work with land, plants and collective organizing around our environments.

This class will be held virtually.

About Charmaine Bee

Charmaine Bee (they/them) received an MFA from CalArts and is a visual artist and herbalist and uses mediums such as sound, video, writing, movement and textile. Charmaine’s work explores historically charged materials such as rice and indigo which were cultivated in the Sea Islands of South Carolina where Charmaine was raised. Their work also explores portals as bridges and doorways that connect gaps between space and time and open up our ability to time travel as well as histories of the Black diaspora contained within portal spaces. Charmaine asks how these doorways are activated through geographic sites, material, time and spaces we may not see but can feel. Charmaine’s herbalism practice supports people in working through the dream world through lucid dreaming and dream recall, accessing personal power and voice through solar plexus and throat chakra support.

General Information

This class is curated in partnership with The School of Making Thinking.