Studio Collective/Art Portfolio

Ages 13–19
1:15–2:15pm, Saturdays

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    Angela Tornello

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In this intensive course, artists will expand their agency with materials through investigating 2D and 3D processes and techniques. Young artists will look critically at professional artists and artworks for inspiration but also to develop an artistic vocabulary that they can use in their own practice. Each artist will create portfolio pieces and build a body of work that will be a part of the art exhibition at the end of the course which they will curate. Studio Collective allows space and time for independence and free-choice art-making while supporting each artist and what being a visual artist means to them.

About Angela Tornello

Angela Tornello is a Brooklyn-based artist and freelance educator. Angela has been working in art education for the past 7 years in NYC in both art institutions as well as various schools across the 5 boroughs. When not painting or sculpting, Angela can be found hiking up a mountain with her dog Harriet.

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