Continuing Education Classes

Abrons Arts Center’s Continuing Education Classes engages both theory and critical practice for art-making and exploration in a variety of mediums for those who are 17 years of age and older.*

These shorter workshops have been designed for those wanting to gain new skill sets and knowledge in an interactive and supportive environment while also being flexible to meet the schedules of those who are enrolled. 

Continuing Education Classes are taught by leading arts professionals who have expertise in their fields of study. Classes are designed so participants can meet and collaborate with others who are interested in expanding their potential through these courses.

*For those who are interested in these classes but are younger than 17, please reach out to Tyler Diaz at

For the Fall 2021 semester we are offering the below courses:

The Ecology of Poetry
Instructor: Marcella Durand

Cost: $260 + 25 registration fee
Sliding Scale Available for BIPOC students 

How do we write poetry about and into the profound effects of climate change, such as a purple-tinged sun hanging in haze over the city? Or the idea that trees communicate with each other through an underground network of fungi? Or what our local park can show us about how people and trees might coexist? (And through poetry, could we even help save that local park from being bulldozed for a flood wall?) Through the power and freedom of poetry, we can develop new language to envision our way forward and inspire better ways of being human in the world. We will share and discuss our ideas and poems in a creative, open, and non-judgmental space open to diverse levels of ability, background, and access. The class will culminate on the final evening with a public reading at Abrons Art Center.

Marcella Durand is a poet and translator the 2021 recipient of the C.D. Wright Award in Poetry from the Foundation of Contemporary Art. Her latest book, To husband is to tender, was published this summer by Black Square Editions. Other publications include; November (G L O S S, 2021); The Prospect (Delete Press, 2020); Earth’s Horizons, her translation of Michèle Métail’s book-length poem, Les Horizons du sol (Black Square Editions, 2020); and Rays of the Shadow (Tent Editions). She has taught, written about, and discussed the potential intersections of ecology and poetry at Naropa University, The Black Earth Institute, The Poetry Project, Small Press Traffic, and other forums. She lives in the Lower East Side where she is active in the fight to save East River Park.


MIDI Composition and Melody
Instructor: Tyler Diaz

Cost: $260 + 25 registration fee
Sliding Scale Available for BIPOC students 

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Having musical thoughts is present in everyone’s mind. Sometimes we hear sounds and interpret them through rhythmic patterns. With the free notation software program “Musescore,” students will learn to read music notes on the music staff through the treble and bass clefs, understand rhythmic duration up to sixteenth notes, and learn to create basic melodies. A background in music education is not required. Students do not need to know how to play an instrument to succeed in this course.

*All participants will need a laptop for class*

Tyler Diaz is a classical and jazz composer from Queens, New York who focuses in orchestral compositions. Primarily a guitar player, Tyler also sings and plays piano. After studying music at CUNY Hunter College, he became a music instructor at Abrons Arts Center. His focus in music instruction is private lessons in guitar and music theory. In addition to teaching, Tyler also plays live music at small venues in lower Manhattan.

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