Theater Rentals

The @Abrons Series Program is a subsidized theater rental program that provides access to our spaces as well as production services at subsidized rates. While @Abrons is not curated, priority is given to shows and events that align with our mission and our commitment to anti-oppression. For shows, events, or artistic projects working to build community projects that are socially or civically inclusive – yet have very small budgets – there is an application for an extra–subsidized rate available here.

We remain committed to creating a space where we work together to ensure each others’ safety as a community. We encourage you to review our current COVID-19 safety policies, which will be updated as national and statewide guidances change.

Take a Tour of Our Spaces

Please look at the rental rate sheet and other information below to see if your event or show is a good fit with our space, and if you would like more detail about terms, a sample Letter Of Agreement (LOA) is also below:

Abrons is home to many different kinds of often non-traditional performances. To make our spaces more accessible from a technical and financial perspective, we have developed repertory lighting plots for each theater.  These will be in place and focused when you arrive.  Any additions, subtractions, or changes to this plot must be approved by the Production Manager in advance, and must be restored by the end of your production period. For more specifics, please send us an email.

Once you have read through these things, please get in touch with Megan Wilton at to discuss rental possibilities. Thank you!


Abrons Arts Center has three theaters available for rentals, including the c. 1915 Playhouse Theater.


Playhouse Theater

  • Capacity: 330 (wheelchair accessible)
  • Stage area: 25’ wide proscenium, 28’ deep
  • Fly system: 22 linesets
  • Lighting system: ETC Ion Console and excellent lighting instrument package
  • Sound system: Yamaha LS-9 32 Digital Console and excellent sound system

Experimental Theater

  • Capacity: 110 standing, 60 seated
  • Stage area: 24’w x 30’d with seating, 50’d without
  • Black box Theater
  • Lighting system: ETC Element Console and excellent lighting instrument package
  • Excellent sound system

Underground Theater

  • Capacity: 77 to 97 seated
  • Stage area: Trapezoid 21’d x 24’-39’w
  • Lighting system: ETC Element Console and excellent lighting instrument package
  • Excellent sound system

For theater rental inquiries please contact Megan Wilton.