Perfect City/The Catcalling Project
(In)Visible Guides: Neighborhood Tours

10–23 June 2023
3pm and 6pm

Led by a member of Perfect City/The Catcalling Project, join us for a neighborhood tour of the Lower East Side. Each tour is guided by recorded testimonies from shelter resident collaborators who detail personal experiences of protection and visibility in New York City. Participants are encouraged to reflect on the tour in the mapping workshop and group discussion that follows.

Tours begin at Abrons Arts Center. Following the tour, participants will return to the Center for the mapping workshop.

Event Details

About (In)Visible Guides

(In)Visible Guides is an art and research project created by Perfect City/The Catcalling Project and residents of a Lower East Side shelter for domestic violence survivors. The project combines map-making workshops, public art installations, convenings, and publishing designed to help survivors become public advocates for better protection alternatives to policing in public space. We believe everyone benefits when our most marginalized and least visible residents have more agency in the design of our neighborhoods and cities.

About Perfect City/The Catcalling Project

Formed in 2016, Perfect City is a multiracial, multigenerational working group that addresses the design, policy-making and zoning of cities. Much of our current work focuses on how the city often renders low-income women, families of color and trans people escaping domestic violence unsafe, even within the shelter system. Led by working group members Tiffany Zorrilla and Jahmorei Snipes, Perfect City’s offshoot The Catcalling Project looks at how the rhetoric of real estate development and that of street harassment both propagate displacement and a lack of safety for women of color. In 2019, Zorrilla and Snipes began to offer Avoidance Mapping workshops for residents at Henry Street Settlement’s Urban Family Center (UFC), a residential shelter with counseling and other services.


(In)Visible Guides is commissioned by Abrons Arts Center with the support from Creatives Rebuild New York's Artist Employment Program, NYSCA Individual Project Grant from The Architectural League of New York, and the National Endowment for the Arts.