The Lenape Center Symposium

The Lenape Center presents a day-long platform of discussions and performances that addresses the complex histories of colonization and the potential for art institutions to influence more equitable futures for Indigenous communities.

Performance by Mohican composer Brent Michael Davids and a performance of ACKIA By Ivan Wong, produced by DANIELLE

The symposium will conclude with Kinstillatory Mappings in Light and Dark Matter, a monthly ceremonial fire hosted by Emily Johnson/Catalyst in Abrons’ Amphitheater from 7-10pm.  


There is no schedule of panels for this program. The Symposium will take shape as a long-form conversation with attendees and invited guests about subject matters such as identity, land acknowledgements, equity, and the environment. Attendees are welcome to come and go throughout the day.


Symposium Schedule:

10:00AM: Welcome

12:00PM: Lunch Break (Symposium attendees are encouraged to visit nearby restaurants.)

1:15PM: Reconvene/Afternoon conversation

6:00PM: End of Symposium


The Lenape Center Symposium is made possible by Lenape Center’s partnership with the Center for Earth Ethics. The Lenape Center Symposium is presented as part of The Mile-Long Opera, which is made possible by the Presenting Sponsor, Target.