Documenting the Nameplate x Nuevayorkinos: An archiving event

Documenting the Nameplate and Nuevayorkinos team to bring a celebration of NYC nostalgia and nameplate culture to Abrons Arts Center. Join us to have your portrait taken with your nameplate jewelry at Nuevayorkinos’ pop up photo studio, or stop by with personal photographs that showcase this style of jewelry’s rich history in New York City, from childhood pictures to archival family photographs. 


Documenting the Nameplate is an open-call archiving project and forthcoming book that celebrates nameplate jewelry’s many styles and cultural traditions. @documentingthenameplate



Documenting the Nameplate is a project celebrating nameplate jewelry and its myriad styles and cultural traditions. They host open-call events where attendees can have their nameplates photographed and share their stories for our forthcoming book. All participants receive a copy of their portrait. In addition, they have an email address and online portal through which anyone, worldwide, can submit images and/or anecdotes. Documenting the Nameplate has hosted events in New York City at Knockdown Center, Cafe Erzulie, Playground Coffee Shop, and Magic Gallery. Participating photographers include Azikiwe Mohammed, Naima Green, Destiny Mata, and Gogy Esparza. Their project aims to foreground plurality and nonlinear history-making, and they are hoping to access as wide-ranging of a submission base as possible.


Isabel Flower, Marcel Rosa-Salas, and Kyle Richardson are friends living in New York City. Marcel is a PhD candidate in Anthropology at New York University who researches race and the American advertising industry. Isabel studied Art History and Studio Art, and is now a writer and editor. Together they host the Top Rank Podcast. Kyle is an interdisciplinary artist and graphic designer. She studied at The Cooper Union and is currently designing at The Shed. Kyle is designing the Documenting the Nameplate book.


Nuevayorkinos was founded and curated by Djali Alessandra Brown-Cepeda, a second-generation Dominiyorker, Nuevayorkinos is a visual digitized archive dedicated to the ÑYC Latinx experience. By documenting and preserving the stories of those who have come from Latin America and the Caribbean and made ÑYC their home, Nuevayorkinos seeks to act as an antidote to the harmful, singular media representations of Latinidad. @nuevayorkinos


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