[@Abrons Series] Stuck on Subway Moon

Stuck On Subway Moon is the story of a group of NYC teenagers and a few intractable musicians, captive on a stalled subway car on a bridge with only their voices, instruments and imaginations to carry them through the moonlit night. The student cast has been writing poetry, composing music, reciting lyrics, creating video and rehearsing since November 2018. This innovative work originated when the students – using a shared google doc to contribute their poetry before meeting in person – shared their metaphorical visions of being captive on a subway car stalled on a bridge at night. After weeks of rehearsals with the Subway Moon staff, professional musicians and poets, the students have transformed their songs and scenes into a theatrical performance. The young people involved—especially those interested in careers in the arts—benefit from having a space to build creative skills as well as by working with professional musicians, poets, and filmmakers.

Members of the celebrated downtown ensemble THE JAZZ PASSENGERS will be among the featured performers with public school students from the Institute for Collaborative Education in Manhattan, and the High School for Violin and Dance and the Bronx Early College Academy in the Bronx. The SUBWAY MOON project focuses on building community and connection through art.

SUBWAY MOON is a multi-week musical/video performing experience that combines the forces of professional jazz musicians and filmmakers with high-school music students from around the world. It is designed to be 1) a public performance series including jazz, poetry, and film; and 2) an educational and field-experiential program for students from a far-reaching compass of backgrounds. The subway theme provides cultural/environmental anchor—a common ground from which students and audiences can meet across geographical boundaries.

SUBWAY MOON’s fiscal sponsor is Jazz Passengers Music Projects, Inc. (JPMP), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. JPMP projects offer educational opportunities for students not only to write original material but also to perform it in prominent, professional venues (museums, theaters, concert halls).