[@ Abrons Series] Racoco Productions: TILT

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Imagine your head is a pinball machine. But who’s playing? TILT is a live performance/construction site swirling movement, wood, live music, tap dance, pinball, and the story of Don Quixote into a visceral experience of a delusional brain.

Rachel Cohen (director, performer)
Lynn Wright (composer)
Special Guest Heather Cornell (tap dancer, www.manhattantap.com)
Performers: Toby Billowitz, Remi Harris, Masumi Kishimoto, Meghan Schardt
Musicians: Lynn Wright, (guitar, Ableton) Eric Eble (double bass); Nikki D’Agostino (bass clarinet, bass and alto sax); Eric Hoegemeyer (Ableton, percussion)
Bill Kennedy (set design)
Jon Harper (lighting design/carpentry)
Bill Kennedy (set designer/carpentry)
Olek (costume designer)
Additional set/prop design/carpentry: David Franklin, Patrick Morris, Isabella Olgaard, Justin Perkins, Stephanie Beck
Installation coordinator: Remi Harris

Michelle Tabnick, publicist