Maude Léonard-contant: Beautiful West Nightscape

The Abrons Arts Center is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Canadian artist Maude Léonard-Contant. This project is developed within the framework of the partnership between Abrons Art Center and Residency Unlimited.

In the past year, the palm tree has been the main figure of Maude Léonard-Contant’s work, mediating between object of desire and reminiscence and totem for religious cult.

The work she has developed for the Abrons Art Center will end the cycle on palm trees: the ridiculous adoration has turned into a campy nightmare, within which only ghostly traces of the palm remain. Inspired by noir fiction, the hoax of the coconut pearl and Epyptomania, the resulting installation depicts an oasis at night that tells a story with a plot that remains obscure.

Léonard-Contant’s body of work explores the propensity for landscape to generate fiction. She is interested in the subtext inherent in the framing of nature, which induces a conceptual and perceptual mish-mash when our personal mythologies, fantasies, and memories merge with collective psyche, clichés, and history.

Looking at a postcard isn’t a simple task. At the same time she believes it is possible to encounter the Grand Canyon with a yawn.

Maude Léonard-Contant lives and works in Montreal, Canada, where she completed an MFA in sculpture at Concordia University. The aftermath of her passion for the palm has been presented in different locations in the past year: Market Gallery, (Glasgow, UK), Kala art Institute (Berkeley, CA). Its latest manifestation will now be featured at the Abrons within the framework of her residency hosted by Residency Unlimited with generous support from the Canada Council of the Arts. Léonard-Contant’s work is part of several private and public collections.

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