Beth Livensperger: Visible Storage

Beth Livensperger has created a painting series depicting reflections on glass or other surfaces, exhibited for the first time in Visible Storage. The reflections consider a flat space and a deep space at the same time, and confound the viewer’s sense of placement, inserting slivers of space behind one’s presumed vantage point. This fragmented, cropped aspect suggests imperfect recall, and thus fluctuates between memory and immediacy. The glass pane acts as a barrier: it reiterates Livensperger’s relationship to what she paints. The Great Wall of China is painted as a poster in a Brooklyn restaurant, and American period furniture is painted from a display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The impractical romance imbued in these subjects is investigated without treading into fantasy and stories. Visible Storageengages material fact, but also courts the irreconcilable, the mnemonic and the emotional.