Andrew Mount: Graphemes And Epigraphs

Andrew Mount‘s body of work investigates the production of images, the use of language and the act of seeing. Through various formats such as photography, drawing, books, and videos, the artist questions the problematic of representation. He resists established conventions through the creation of strategies that highlight the power of communication that lies in imagery. By employing diverse mechanisms and techniques such as interlacing, juxtaposition, and repetition, Mount draws the observation into the inherent contradictions inscribed in images or their politicized contents.

In the last years, the artist has assembled a colossal image bank that is partially derived from the legacy of art history, from media sources or culled directly by him from different sources. The selection of works at the Abrons Art Center reveals some of the subtle internal relations between them and fundamental notions that cross Mount’s image bank such as authority and control become visible. Articulated in a variety of formats, the works on view stimulate new relations between given images and objects, enabling an active engagement of the viewer. Thus, the individual imagination is enhanced and new subjectivities are called forth.

Andrew Mount was born in Liverpool, UK. He graduated with a B.A. (Hons) in Painting from the University of Reading, UK. He went on to complete an MFA in Combined Media at Hunter College, NY and a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies at Teacher’s College, Columbia University. He is currently an artist in residence in New York at Residency Unlimited.

Graphemes and Epigraphs is presented by Residency Unlimited.