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melinda-ring MELINDA RING
Forgetful Snow
Forgetful Snow, a triptych completed by two durational performances and an evening-length dance, investigates the transcendent possibilities of body and mind. The dance, performed naked and without accompaniment, is stripped of layered-on meaning and emotion. What’s presented instead is pure choreography and performance—formally complex, and physically raw.Forgetful Snow is commissioned by The Kitchen, NY and The Box gallery, Los Angeles.
indelible disappearance – a thought not a title
While Spradlin’s work is rarely narrative, in researching material for her new work, indelible disappearance – a thought not a title, harrowing stories of women told through historic film, literature and news reports are assuming primacy as a source for choreographic thinking. “Lost girl” stories of class struggle, sexual violence and murder will culminate in a work that confronts audiences in unpredictable ways.