Witness Relocation (Featuring Robert M. Johanson) – THE LOON (World Premiere)

An all new, evening length, knock-down-drag-out, dance/theater show based in part on “Voices of the Loon” (an educational record put out by the Audubon Society in 1980); the work of sociologist Erving Goffman; “At Home” – Bill Bryson’s study of the history of domestic life; party games; and what happens when the party is going VERY late into the night/next morning. A follow up of sorts to WR’s acclaimed 2006 “Dancing vs. The Rat Experiment”. Choreographed & Directed by Dan Safer, Created by Witness Relocation with Guest Artist Robert M. Johanson

Photography by Maria Baranova.

PLEASE NOTE: This performance contains sudden loud noises, fog and strobe light effects.

Running time: 60 minutes | This performance is suitable for all ages.