Three Genres Of Improvisation: Contact Improvisation, Spontaneous Connections: Improvised Music, and Raise the Hoof: Tap

Does improvisation really exist? How much is scored, how much planned, and how much just set free? Everyone is invited to join and jam!

Contact Improvisation, Curated by Tim O’Donnell and Sarah Young
Performers: Patrick Crowley, Carly Czach, Rob Flax, Elise Knudson, Tim O’Donnell, Sarah Young

Five movement artists come together for the first time as an ensemble, along with Rob Flax on violin and box drum, to share their artistic voices through Contact Improvisation. Exploring physical dialogues ranging from the gentle and subtle to the acrobatic and fluidly athletic, they shape a living composition that unfolds in real time.

Spontaneous Connections: Improvised Music curated by David Garland

Featuring multi-instrumentalist and vocalist David Garland, vocalist and percussionist Anaïs Maviel, tap dancer Roxane Butterfly, and other guests TBA.

Raise the Hoof: Curated by Roxane Butterfly
Performers: Roxane Butterfly, Jane Goldberg, Max Pollak, Jennifer Vincent

Raise the Hoof or the Art-of-Impromptu is a spontaneous musical gathering of three distinct generations of hoofers, orchestrated by underground tap dance icon Roxane Butterfly, featuring Jane Goldberg’s unique “rhythm ‘n’ schmooz,” world-class tap stylist Max Pollak, and Brinae Ali, accompanied also by master bass player Jennifer Vincent.

Pictured: Roxane Butterfly