Three Artists… Three Fantastical/Fanciful Perspectives On Performance

Melinda Ring and Renée Archibald, Renée vs the Rectangle
Paula Josa-Jones | Performance Works, Speak
Patti Bradshaw and Valerie Striar, Flowers in Space (premiere)

Renée Archibald performs a section of a new two-part solo, Renée vs the Rectangle (working title), made in collaboration with Melinda Ring. This fanciful minimalistic reexamination of the basic rules of theatrical perspective asks, “How can I act on the space, and can the space in turn act upon me?” The dance is a dialogue with forces both seen and unseen.

Paula Josa-Jones’ Speak springs from her questions about language and the absence of language in its usual form. It is about the obsession and excavation of meaning of the body when words cannot be shaped. Speak is inspired by Josa-Jones’ 13 years of working with her profoundly autistic godson and her research into aphasia, apraxia, and synesthesia.

Flowers in Space is a solo conceived and directed by Patti Bradshaw and performed byValerie Striar. Inspired by the painter and poet Florine Stettheimer, the work draws on Bradshaw’s background in puppetry and choreography to create an evocative portrait of the shy and idiosyncratic early 20th-century artist.

Pictured: Paula Josa-Jones