The Sounding Body: The Embodied Voice with Pyeng Threadgill

Your voice mirrors the connection to your voice, body and truth. This class in The Sounding Body series uses the principles of awareness and inhibition from the Alexander Technique as well as Somatic Voicework, the LoVetri Method, Qi Gong, and body mapping to sense sound and breath in your body, and the space that breath and sound create.

Pyeng Threadgill creates unique musical and movement experiences for audiences and students alike. An accomplished voice coach, she integrates Mindful Movement, vocal technique and performance counseling to produce highly successful personally tailored sessions. She has appeared as a featured vocalist with dance theater troupe Urban Bush Women and music collective Brooklyn Raga Massive. Annually she performs SNOW, a distinctive holiday concert highlighting songs of winter. Pyeng is truly a voice and body connoisseur.