Path Breakers Create Ever-Evolving Worlds Of Performance

Michael Freeman, It’s not that I have anything against living…
Headlong and The Riot Group, Magic Wand
James & Jen | McGinn & Again, a Gram & a Gone (excerpt)
Johanna S. Meyer, Handbuilt, section three (work in progress)

Writer and performer Michael Freeman’s It’s not that I have anything against living… tells the story of a gay Goth teenager in a small Amish town. Twisted dancing, dreadful puppetry, and a makeup table are all employed in this unlikely, genre-defying show.

Magic Wand is a collaborative work created and performed by Amy Smith of Headlong Dance Theater and Adriano Shaplin of The Riot Group. Magic Wand explores the history of the Hitachi Corporation, the androgyny of the body, the politics of orgasm, and what happens when you invite an imaginary audience member onto the stage.

This excerpt from McGinn & Again’s a Gram & a Gone explores the processes in building pluralist movement constellations among long-term friends. Composite symbolism, geometry, spectral materiality, and the abyss are all kaleidoscopically touched upon, albeit with dark humor, via McGinn & Again’s multidisciplinary capacities.

Johanna S. Meyer’s Handbuilt, section three is an ensemble piece expanding on her previously developed duet material derived from John Woo’s 1989 Hong Kong cult movie,The Killer. Drawing on the absurdly operatic plot, Meyer’s choreography weaves the movie’s editing, choreographic gun battles, kitsch, and sentimentality as a starting point for this next show.

These performances include explicit language and loud noise.

Pictured: Headlong and The Riot Group