OpenICE: April 2018

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This spring, ICE continues its OpenICE program, an initiative focused on sharing the most essential elements of ICE’s working process – creation, collaboration, and performance – with a wider audience, through free concert and activity programming. The residencies include children’s programming, performances, workshops, multimedia installations, and continued connections with underrepresented composers.

Launched in 2015, OpenICE continues to develop, engage, and sustain diverse 21st-century listeners through an outpouring of free artist-driven programming that is open to the public.

April 12, 7pm
OpenICE: ICE and the Composers of NYU

April 14, 7pm
OpenICE: ICE and the Composers of Columbia University

April 15, 7pm
Not Art Records: Piano Music
A contradiction in and of itself, Not Art Records and OpenICE present a concert of piano music for non-pianos. Featuring works by Conlon Nancarrow, Steve Reich, and Heather Stebbins, the instruments used will include analog synthesizers, repurposed piano wiring & components, and B. Toys Meowsic keyboards.