Mx. Oops / Wendell Cooper: Carrying Capacity (World Premiere)

Beyond identity there is the plasma of oneness; a dream space, both physical and energetic, that can hold the fullness of we. Carrying Capacity is a speculative journey mixing sacred and profane. It asks — what
is the connection between our capacity to
love ourselves as simultaneously sexual, spiritual, and social beings with our collective future on this dusty rock? Mx. Oops/
Wendell Cooper performs a multimedia ritual using sound meditation, urban dance, video projection, and rap, within an installation by sculptor Jasmine Murrell; featuring guest choreography and performance by Slim Ninja. The soul is invoked, gender is rendered ephemeral, and together we contemplate, 
in celebration, the sometimes unfortunate profundity of embodiment. For a preparatory guided meditation, visit

Run Time: 60 minutes

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