Movement Research Studies Project: Stories, Strategies and Practices

The Movement Research Artists of Color Council gathers together an intergenerational group of dance makers and performers to discuss their artistic practices and the practical realities that go hand in hand with them. Each bring a range of aesthetic and cultural lineages, career trajectories, and studio practices into the room. This conversation will hold each artist’s individual experiences and knowledge of the field up as a crucial, shared resource. With Arthur Aviles, Ebony Noelle Golden, Eli Tamondong and Stephanie Acosta. Organized by Lily Bo Shapiro and Stanley Gambucci.

lily bo shapiro is a dance artist from New York City. Bo’s current projects take up residence in the shifting constellations of archive, elision, pleasure and the strangely intimate (intimately strange). Bo’s choreographic work has been supported by residencies at the Maggie Allessee National Center for Choreography, New York Live Arts, and Chez Bushwick. Currently, Bo is developing projects with Julia Santoli, Andy Luo and Tatyana Tenenbaum.

Stanley Gambucci is new to things–their body included.