Maya Ciarrocchi: A Remedy for a Constitutional Crisis

8 hours | Suitable for all ages

In honor of National Constitution Day, Maya Ciarrocchi will hold an eight-hour reading of the United States Constitution, read in multiple languages by multiple performers. This celebration of we the people will take place in Abrons’ outdoor amphitheater and will include food and drink, participatory writing and political discussion.

A Remedy for a Constitutional Crisis is conceived and created by Maya Ciarrocchi in collaboration with Clarinda Mac Low and George Sanchez. 

CLARINDA MAC LOW was brought up in the avant-garde arts scene that flourished in NYC during the 1960s and ‘70s. She started out working in dance and molecular biology and now creates participatory installations and events that investigate social constructs and corporeal experience. She is Executive Director of Culture Push, an experimental organization that links artistic practice and civic engagement, and co-curator of Works on Water, a triennial of art that works on, in, and with the water. Other work includes “Walking Distance,” where participants walk and talk about walking and talking, and the power of one human body, “Incredible Witness,” where differences in sensory perception lead to empathic understanding; and “The Year of Dance”, an anthropology of the NYC dance world. Mac Low holds a BA, in Dance/Molecular Biology, from Wesleyan University and an MFA in Digital and Interdisciplinary Arts Practice from CCNY-CUNY.

George Emilio Sanchez is a writer and performance artist. He is chairperson of the Performing and Creative Arts Department at the College of Staten Island/CUNY, and also serves on the Executive Council of the Professional Staff Congress, the faculty and staff union of the City University of New York.

12-12:50 PM

   James Tigger! Ferguson, Elena Light, George Emilio Sanchez

12:55-1:45 PM

   Lise Brenner, Sarah Maxfield, Kim Harmon (Spanish)

1:50—2:40 PM 

   Macauley Elmer, Leah Devun, Nadia Tykulsker

2:45-3:35 PM

   Coralina Meyer (Spanish), Lucy Sexton, Clarinda Mac Low

3:40-4:30 PM

   Raquel Cion, Henry Holmes, Pamela Sneed

4:35-5:25 PM

   Salomé Mkheidze (Russian), Em Miller, Nora Armani (Arabic)

5:30-6:20 PM

   David Thomson, Keke Brown, Okwui Okpokwasili

6:25-7:15 PM

   Melissa Weisz, Luzer Twersky, Kris Grey

7:20-8:10 PM

   Erica Fae, Jordan Flecher, Andrea Kleine