HIGH WINDS: a performance to celebrate the X Artists’ Books publication

A performance celebrating the X Artists’ Books publication of High Winds by Sylvan Oswald and Jessica Fleischmann. Part modern-day pillow book, part picture book for adults, and told in an associative, elliptical style, High Winds takes readers deep into a dreamlike Western landscape. Jessica Fleischmann’s atmospheric imagery amplifies the words on every page, referencing 1980s graphics, net art, and something yet unseen; Sylvan Oswald’s text inhabits and draws meaning from this visual environment. Gas stations, local legends, and unlikely rock formations become terrain for explorations of fear, fantasy, masculinity, medication, spatial structures, and bodily functions—inspired by the author’s experience of gender transition, insomnia, and moving to Los Angeles. Text written and performed by Sylvan Oswald, Images by Jessica Fleischmann, with a live electro-acoustic score performed by Jerome Ellis with projection design by Shawn Duan. Directed by Ellie Heyman.