George Emilio Sanchez: BANG, BANG, GUN AMOK, 24 Hour Performance Filibuster

Bang, Bang, Gun Amok is a 24-hour “performance filibuster” dedicated to gun culture in the USA. Initiated by performance artist and activist George Emilio Sanchez, Bang, Bang, Gun Amok will create a space for a community of creators to educate and express how the issue of gun violence is based in a history of institutionalized violence. Artists, activists, scholars, and survivors of gun violence will come together through music, dance, theater, comedy, mural-making, discussion, bodywork, healing practices, and more.

Join the filibuster at any time and from anywhere in the world via livestream!


6:00 PM

George Emilio Sanchez

6:20 PM

David Wheeler

6:45 PM

Ella Wylde

7:00 PM

Eva Yaa Asantewaa

7:30 PM

Eric Taylor

8:00 PM

It’s Showtime NYC

8:45 PM

Groundswell Mural Project: Madison Davis, Jenny Gomez, Brian Gomez, Jorge Ortiz, Aleiyah Saunders, Ama BE

9:00 PM

Bill McLellan

9:15 PM

Cree Breedlove McLellan

9:30 PM

Anthony Collins / Save Our Streets

10:00 PM

Terry Roethlein / Gays Against Guns

10:20 PM

Sita Frederick

10:45 PM

Maya Ciarrocchi

11:00 PM

luciana achugar

11:30 PM

Nicky Paraiso and Chris Cochrane

11:45 PM

Paz Tanjuaquio

12:00 AM

Vernon Reid

1:00 AM

Edisa Weeks

1:30 AM

Arantxa Araujo

2:00 AM

Jennifer Miller,  Catherine James,  Waqia Abdul-Kareem,  Victor Spielberg Verdejo,

Yeha Park,  Gabriela Santos-Gil,  Renae Michelle, Dana Sumner-Pritchard,

Mustafa Ecer

2:45 AM

Jimmie Briggs

3:30 AM

Edward McWilliams

5:00 AM

Isaac Ford

6:30 AM

Alex Vitale

8:00 AM

Maura Donohue

9:00 AM

Samantha Galarza

10:30 AM

Sydnie Moseley

11:00 AM

Nate Shaw

12:00 PM

Nicky Paraiso and Chris Cochrane

1:45 PM

Pamela Sneed

3:00 PM

Michael Dorr and Evan Schwartz

3:30 PM

Angelica Tolentino

4:00 PM

University Settlement Students

4:30 PM

Miguel Aragon

5:00 PM

Jaamil Olawale Kosoko

5:15 PM

Charmaine Warren

5:30 PM

George Emilio Sanchez