Brian Belott: People Pie Pool

For his Performa 17 project, Brian Belott will present a new stage-based piece. Immersing himself into the rebellious legacy of Dada, American standup comedy, the history of slapstick, and vaudeville, Belott will choreograph a comedy of simultaneity, paying homage to the work of Kurt Schwitters, the Marx Brothers, Andy Kaufman, Lenny Bruce and many others.

Belott’s motley cast will include visual artists, comedians, property lawyers, SAT tutors, musicians, bingo players, tap dance teachers, basketball teams, sword swallowers and other assorted exhibitionists. Choreographed to coincide and overlap, Belott will collage this unhinged group of performers and entertainers into staged actions, ranging from the extraordinary to the banal, generating a cacophonous assemblage of disorderly and subversive movements, words, music, and voluntary mindlessness. Through a stream of consciousness that is consistently absurd, nonsensical and irrational the various acts will display the artist’s unique ability to take the audience on an exuberant, satirical and anarchic ride. People Pie Pool expands upon a number of collaborative performances done by Belott, all of which acutely undermine our understanding of purpose and meaning using humor as tool for social sabotage and critique.

Curated by Jens Hoffmann. Co-presented by Abrons Arts Center. Supported by the Performa Commissioning Fund and Gavin Brown’s Enterprise.

Photo credit: Brian Belott. Photo by Chris Sanders.

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