Anna Kohler: Mytho? Lure of Wildness (World Premiere)

The work of Henri Matisse and Robert Bresson is a springboard for legendary downtown theater-maker Anna Kohler as she investigates the personal mythology of her own life and art.

MYTHO? examines the relationship between muse and creator, subject and object, model and artist and what is at the vital center of the creative mind. Through a combination of live performance, video, aromas and intimate, three dimensional sound, the audience is transported through Kohler’s memories. She recalls her own artistic awakening as a young model in France, and the audience experiences the work through the model’s lens – a world of heightened vulnerability and sensuality, immersed in a sensory experience of enhanced stimuli and vivid images.

Kohler and her director Caleb Hammond lead a team of exceptional artists including renowned performance artist Hapi Phace, Lighting designer Jeffrey Nash and video artists Shaun Irons and Lauren Petty.

Languages: English & French | Running time: 90 minutes | This performance is recommended for ages 16 and up.

Please note: This performance contains nudity, strong language, sudden loud noises and sexual references.