Alex Romania: KLUTZ [World Premiere]

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Led by choreographer and interdisciplinary artist Alex Romania, KLUTZ is an exploration of destabilizing nonsense on the sick state of the American psyche. This multidisciplinary performance work utilizes speech, video, sound, and action to form absurd and poetic thought memes; wanderlust-nowhere, apocalypse-nostalgia, sublime horrors of the spectacularly mundane, and ______________________, emerge as dregs of this ‘Orwellian slop sink’. Almost a basement-sci-fi-space-epic, this genre busting C-performance joins the pileup of hot consumer trash in the looming obsession with The End.

Created by Alex Romania in collaboration with performers Andrew Braddock, Maira Duarte, Alvaro Gonzalez Millie Kapp, Raquel Mavecq, Butch Merigoni, Arthur Romania, and Emily Smith

Sounds by Marc Mosteirin, Alex Romania, and Ben Wohlfarth.

Videos by Alex Romania and Taylor Sakarett

Costumes by Alex Romania

Lights by Rick Murray

KLUTZ has been created in part with residency support from the Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) through a summer 2016 Space Grant, Old Furnace Artist Residency, and commissioning support by Abrons Arts Center and the Jerome Foundation for its world premiere in May 2018.