Tonino Miano

Born in Italy, Mr. Miano pursued classical academic studies as well as jazz and free style improvisation. His academic effort earned him a degree in Classical piano performance with maximum honors from the V. Bellini Conservatory of Caltanissetta, a B.A. in Musicology from the University of Bologna and a B.S. in Physics at City College of New York. Mr. Miano has performed extensively, and has released numerous recordings as a leader and co-leader. In 2007 he founded his own record label Impressus Records, and was later the co-curator of a New York monthly series dedicated to avant-garde/improvisational music called the Avant Post. He is also the author of Non-Tonal Technical Studies for piano, scheduled for publication in February 2015. His teaching experience spans over three decades, and has allowed him the privilege to be touched by the lives of many.