Rosza Daniel Lang Levitsky

Rosza Daniel Lang/Levitsky has been an on-stage dancer, a going-out-dancing dancer, and a participant in street actions for over two decades, as well as a writer and theater-maker. Never learned how to make art for art’s sake; rarely likes working alone. Multi-generational radical and queer – just another gendertreyf apikoyrus mischling fem dyke who identifies with, not as.  Founding member of the Rude Mechanical Orchestra’s dance squad (street brass for demonstrations & picket-lines), Jewish Voice for Peace’s Artists & Cultural Workers Council (Palestine solidarity), and the Aftselakhis Spectacle Committee (Jewish spectacle theater). Recent projects include: design & dramaturgy for “Bobe Mayses: Yiddish Knights & Other Impossibilities” (Yiddish Summer Weimar); performing in “Won’t Be A Ghost” (Tight Braid Group); and co-editing “Dreaming In Public: Building the Occupy Movement” (with Amy Schrager Lang).