Board of Directors

Abrons Arts Center is the arts pillar of Henry Street Settlement (HSS), a social service agency founded in 1893 by nurse and progressive leader Lillian Wald with the mission to challenge social injustice, lift people out of poverty, and promote social and economic mobility. Located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side neighborhood, HSS operates 18 sites across the Lower East Side, reaching over 50,000 people annually through four program divisions: Education & Employment, Transitional & Supportive Housing, Health & Wellness, and Visual and Performing Arts.

Abrons is part of a 100+ year history of bringing the arts to the Lower East Side with the opening of the original Neighborhood Playhouse in 1915. The historic landmark Playhouse is still presenting cutting-edge works by artists today. In 1975, Abrons Arts Center was designed by architect Lo Yi Chan, expanding it to the multidisciplinary art space that we are today. 

Henry Street serves over 50,000 New Yorkers annually through its programs and Abrons became known as a place for experimental artists like Martha Graham, Isamu Noguchi, Aaron Copland, Tito Puente, Alwin Nikolais, Julias Eastman, John Cage, Merce Cunningham, and the New Federal Theater, who developed new works and honed their artistic voices. Today, over 100 years later, we continue to support artists who encourage us to question the systems of power and politics around us, while also acting as a shared communal space for people to come together and experience artistic thought and innovation.

Henry Street Settlement’s Board of Directors


Scott L. Swid, Co-Chairman
Ian D. Highet, Co-Chairman

Anne Abrons
Melissa Burch
Catherine Curley Lee
Edward S. Pallesen
Pilar Crespi Robert
Michael A. Steinberg
Jeffrey H. Tucker
C.J. Wise
Michael Wolkowitz
Vice Presidents

Jane R. Lockshin, Treasurer
Laurie Weltz, Secretary

Robert S. Harrison
John Morning
Philip T. Ruegger III
Chairmen Emeriti 

Christopher C. Angell
Dale J. Burch
President Emeriti



Debra M. Aaron
Anne Abrons
Jill Blickstein
Peter Brandt
Dale J. Burch
Melissa R. Burch
Margaret Chi
Catherine Curley Lee
Scott D. Ferguson
Regina Glocker
Robert S. Harrison
Ian D. Highet
Henrietta C. Ho-Asjoe
Atit Jariwala
Khairah Klein
Theodore Liouliakis
Jane R. Lockshin
Joanne B. Mack
Angela Mariani
Kathryn B. Medina
John Morning
Richard H. Neiman
Edward S. Pallesen
Douglas L. Paul
Gary Posternack
Pilar Crespi Robert
Philip T. Ruegger III
Sue Ann Santos-Hoahng
Lesley G. Schulhof
Ilicia P. Silverman
Michael A. Steinberg
Neil S. Suslak
Scott L. Swid
Jeffrey H. Tucker
Rajan Vig
Laurie Weltz
C.J. Wise
Michael W. Wolkowitz



Christopher C. Angell
Nancy P. Aronson
Julio Colón
Roy M. Korins
Robert F. Mancuso
Walter Maynard, Jr.
Max Pine
Frances L. Primus
Mary Louise Reid
Andrew N. Schiff
Harry Slatkin
Laura Slatkin
Lawrence I. Sosnow
Phebe Thorne



Scott Bremerman
Anna da Silveira Pinheiro
Sebastian Echavarria
Elizabeth McKenna
Michael D. Ryan