July 26, 2013 - July 28, 2013


Friday, July 26, 7:00pm
Saturday, July 27, 7:00pm
Sunday, July 28, 4:00pm

Carlos Maria Romero & Juan Betancurth
Carlos Maria Romero, Juan Betancurth, David González Jiménez. 26.07.2013.- 28.07.2013 New York. Abrons Art Center. 19:00, 16:00. Names of all spectators separated by commas.
Within consequential encounters staged in different cities throughout 2013, Carlos Maria Romero, in collaborations with visual and performing artists, on this occasion Juan Betancurth, will develop a succession of works that explore the intersection between live-presence and the notion of sculpture. The process takes the psychiatric concept of paraphilia, as a sexual arousal to objects, situations or individuals, and its relation to fetishes, servitude and labor, to articulate the creation of objecthood.

Carlos Maria Romero's choreographic work appears through actions, experiences, and processes, placing it self on the collapsing-into-each-other traditions of visual and performing arts. His projects are concerned with seducing an audience into an engagement of autonomy. His interest in collaborative practices, and raising political awareness through art, motivated him to work as a curator and pedagogue. He graduated from the Interdisciplinary MA in Live Art and Theatre at National University in Colombia. He lives in the UK.

Juan Betancurth’s mixed media works use themes from his own experiences. Power and submission are among the most common threads in his work. Exhibitions include DirtyLooks On Location, NY, Sketchy Walk, The New Museum, NY, On/Sincerity, Boston University College of Fine Arts, Boston MA, For Faith, Pain or Pleasure, Bulletin Board, CCS BARD, Red Hook, NY, Chamber of Delights, El Museo del Barrio, New York, Domesticus, Abrons Arts Center, NY and Altar to Myself, Queens Museum of Art, NY.

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